Minor degrees enable high-achieving students registered to undergraduate degree programs to become knowledgeable in another focus area.

Minor Degree applications must be made on the dates specified in the academic calendar.

Boğaziçi Üniversitesi Yan Dal Yönergesi

Minor Degree in Computer Engineering

Required courses

CMPE 160

CMPE 210
Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
Fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming

CMPE 240 Digital Systems (4)
CMPE 250 Data Structures and Algorithms (4)
CMPE 352 Fundamentals of Software Engineering (2)

Elective courses

(Select one)

CMPE 350* Formal Languages and Automata Theory (3)
CMPE 300 Analysis of Algorithms (3)
CMPE 321 Introduction to Database Systems (4)
CMPE 322 Operating Systems (4)
CMPE 344 Computer Organization (4)

(Select one)

CMPE 4XX CMPE 4XX courses (3)
CMPE 220 Discrete Computational Structures (3)

*The prerequisite for the 350 course is 220.

Minor Degree in Department of Computer Education and Educational Technology: Information and Communication Technologies in Education

Prerequisite Courses (Credits)

5 required (17)

This minor program is designed to give Boğaziçi University students the basic tools and techniques of ICT in Education. Students must take five required courses (or their equivalent courses) on top of their regular load in their major programs in order to be eligible for the minor degree.

Required courses

CET 101 Introduction to Educational Technology (4)
CET 102 Information Systems in Education and Information Design (4)
CET 215 Education & Technology (3)
CET 224 Visualization in Education (3)
CET 341 Instructional Design (3)


Minor Degree in Economics

Prerequisite Courses (Credits)

EC101 Principles of Microeconomics (3)
EC102 Principles of Macroeconomics (3)
MATH 106

Calculus I Introduction to Calculus for Social Sciences


Total number of courses

4 required (12) + 2 elective (6)

Required courses

EC203 Microeconomics I (3)
EC205 Macroeconomics I (3)
EC206 Microeconomics II (3)
EC208 Macroeconomics II (3)

2 Elective courses

Depending on approval by the minor degree advisor, students may take any EC coded course in the undergraduate course catalogue of the Economics Department except for EC223 and EC233. Students who takeEC203 and/or EC205 as a required course for their major, must select other EC coded required courses from the Economics Department instead of these courses listed for the minor degree.

Minor Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Prerequisite Courses:

EE 201 Electrical Circuits (4 credits/7 ECTS) or EE 210 Introduction to Electrical Engineering (3 credits/6 ECTS)

Total number of courses:

4 required courses (12 credits/24 ECTS) + 2 elective courses (5-6 credits/9-12 ECTS)  

Required courses:

4 Required courses (12 credits/24 ECTS)

EE 232 Semiconductors and Electronic Devices 3 credits/6 ECTS
EE 271 Signals and Systems I  3 credits/6 ECTS
EE 272 Signals and Systems II  3 credits/6 ECTS
EE 351 System Dynamics and Control  3 credits/6 ECTS

Elective courses:

2 Elective courses (5-6 credits/9-12 ECTS)

*EE 243 Digital Systems  2 credits/3 ECTS
EE 304 Energy Conversion  3 credits/6 ECTS
EE 333 Electronics I  3 credits/6 ECTS
**EE 363 Electromagnetic Field Theory 3 credits/6 ECTS
EE 371 Communication Engineering 3 credits/6 ECTS


* Computer Engineering majors cannot take EE 243.

** Physics majors cannot take EE 363.

*** If a course equivalent to one of the required courses has already been taken as part of the major program, an extra course from the minor program elective course list should be taken instead of that required course.  

Minor Degree in Industrial Engineering: Operations Research

Total number of courses (Credit)

2 required (8) + 4 elective (12-13)

Required courses

IE 202 Operations Research I (4)
IE 305 Operations Research II (4)

Elective courses (select 4)

IE 306 Systems Simulation (4)
IE 487 Special Topics: Stochastic Models in OR (3)
IE 420 OR Modeling and Applications (3)
IE 485 Special Topics: Nonlinear Models in OR (3)
IE 441 Planning for Engineers (3)
IE 456 Graph Theory and Applications (3)
IE 460 Statistical Forecasting and Time Series (3)

Minor Degree in Industrial Engineering: Production and Service Systems

Total number of courses (Credits)

2 required (8) + 4 elective (12-15)

Required courses

IE 202 Operations Research I (4)
IE 312 Facilities Design and Planning (4)

Elective courses (select 4)

IE 306 Systems Simulation (4)
IE 341 Engineering Economics (4)
IE 489 Special Topics: Systems Science (3)
IE 413 Supply Chain Management (4)
IE 414 Computer Integrated Manufacturing (3)
IE 423 Quality Engineering (3)
IE 430 Ergonomics and Human Factors Eng. (3)
IE 441 Planning for Engineers (3)
IE 461 Energy Policy and Planning (3)

Minor Degree in International Trade

Application Prerequisite Courses (Credits/ECTS)

INTT 111 Economics I (3/5)
INTT 112 Economics II (3/5)

Equivalent courses offered by other departments may be accepted.

Required courses (Credits/ECTS)

4 required courses(12 credits/20 ECTS)

INTT 211 International Trade Theories and Policies 

Prerequisite:INTT 111

INTT 212 Exchange Rate Regimes and Trade

Prerequisite: INTT 112

INTT 241 International Economic Law

Prerequisite: INTT142 or consent of instructor for non INTTT students

INTT 254 International Trade Operations 

No prerequisite


Elective courses (Credits/ECTS)

2 elective courses(6 credits/10-12 ECTS)

Depending on the approvaly by the minnor degree advisor, students will take any two from INTT 3XX-4XX

Total Number of Courses (Credits/ECTS)

4 required courses(12 credits/20 ECTS), 2 elective courses (6 credits/ 10-12 ECTS)

Minor Degree in Management

Prerequisite Courses (Credits)

EC101 Principles of Microeconomics (3)
EC102 Principles of Macroeconomics (3)
MATH 105

Calculus I Introduction to Finite Mathematics


Calculus II Introduction to Calculus for Social Sciences


Total number of courses (Credits)

4 required (12-13) + 2 elective (6)

Required courses

AD216 Financial and Managerial Accounting (4)
AD220 Management of Organizations (3)
AD242 Strategic Marketing Management (3)
AD311 Financial Management (3)

Elective courses

Students may select any two courses coded AD3XX or AD4XX in the course catalogue as their electives.

Note: Students who take AD216 as a required course must select an AD3XX or AD4XX coded course from the course catalogue instead.

Minor Degree in Management Information Systems

Prerequisite Courses for Application (Credits)

No prerequisite course for application is required.

Total number of courses

6 required courses (20 credits/33 ECTS)

Required courses (Credits/ECTS)

MIS 125 Introduction to Information Systems and Technologies (4/5)
MIS 132 Object Oriented Programming

Prerequisite: MIS 131

MIS 321 System Analysis and Design
Prerequisite: MIS 131 and MIS 134
MIS 335 Database Systems
Prerequisite: MIS 134
MIS 326 Object Oriented Modeling
Prerequisite: MIS 132 and MIS 321
MIS 336 Business Program Development
Prerequisite: MIS 321 and MIS 335

Note: Prerequisite courses can be taken from any other department that offers equivalent courses.

Minor Degree in Mechanical Engineering

Total number of courses (Credits)

4 required(14) + 2 elective (6-8)

4 required (14) + 2 elective (6-8) Students must take the four required courses below to complete the Minor Program in Mechanical Engineering. If students who plan to minor in Mechanical Engineering have already taken some of the core course requirements or equivalent, they can choose courses from among the electives, contingent on approval from minor degree advisor of the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Students achieve the minor degree after completing six courses.

Required courses

ME 242 Dynamics (3)
ME 263 Thermodynamics I (3)
ME 345 MMechanics of Materials (4)
ME 353 Fluid Mechanics (4)

Elective courses

ME 324 Machine Design I (4)
ME 331 Mechatronics (4)
ME 335 Modeling and Control of Dynamic Systems (4)
ME 362 Heat Transfer (4)
ME 411 Materials Engineering (3)
ME 425 Mechanical Vibrations (3)
ME 426 Mechanisms (3)
ME 430 Automotive Engineering (3)
ME 446 Applied Solid Mechanics (3)
ME 455 Fluid Mechanics II (3)
ME 466 Thermodynamics II (3)
ME 474 Heat Engines (3)
ME 478 Design of Thermal Systems (3)

Minor Degree in Political Science and International Relations

Prerequisite courses (Credits)

POLS101 Introduction to Political Science (3)

Total number of courses

3 required (9) + 3 elective (9)

Required courses

POLS217 Diplomatic History (3)
POLS242 Introduction to International Relations (3)
POLS441 Foreign Policy (3)

Elective courses

Two 300 and one 400 level POLS coded electives must be selected from the Department's undergraduate catalogue, and at least one must be an elective course from an area other than International Relations, contingent on approval by the minor degree advisor.

* Elective courses in International Relations are listed in the Undergraduate Course Catalogue.

Minor Degree in Tourism Administration

Courses Required for Application

No courses are required for application

Total number of courses

The Tourism Administration minor program consists of 7 required courses (21 credits)

Minor Program Required courses

TRM 101 Introduction to the Tourism Industry (3)
TRM 107 Anatolian Civilizations (3)
TRM 223 Accommodation Industry (3)
TRM 282 Travel Industry (3)
TRM 405 Conventions and Special Events

Prerequisite:TRM 263

TRM 413 Tourism Destination Development

Prerequisite:Senior standing or consent of the instructor


Note: Prerequisite courses can also be taken from another department in which an equivalent course is taught

3 credits/6 ECTS
3 credits/6 ECTS